September 25

Accident insurance claims

Is it accurate to say that you are tired of making protection claims with the insurance agencies? Have you been postponed your legitimate cases? Do you feel the insurance agencies are duping you? There is no compelling reason to confront these bothers on account of insurance agencies or their specialists. We can help you by.

March 20

Corporate Law

We offer services in New Delhi and other major cities in India, like accounts outsourcing, auditing, company formation in India, Business taxation, corporate compliance, starting business in India, registration of foreign companies, transfer pricing, tax due diligence, taxation of expatriates etc. Our firm continuously strives to be the Premier Accounting and Consultancy firm that provides.

March 17

Consumer Protection

To ensure the free flow of truthful information as well as fair competition in the market it’s important to possess in place customer security regulations. The regulations were created to prevent companies that practice scams or unfair methods that were set for acquiring an edge over competitors. Added security may be provided by these regulations.

March 16

White Collar Crimes

The White-Collar Criminal-Defense Lawyer of Fide Mihi has decades of rich experience in managing national and state prosecutions, from the pre-indictment period through consensus. Hard time need seasoned lawyers. Questions of misconduct by company authorities and workers, to state before the court, and trips from or calls by law enforcement officers are causes for anxiety.

March 16


Fide Mihi finds creative methods to conclude its customers disputes.Fide Mihi work challenging with its customers to accomplish their aims by litigating cases promptly and economically if those disputes are unable to be settled.Fide Mihi is well seen, and has a huge experience in every facet of private and commercial litigation.Fide Mihi has managed more.

March 12

Labor Law in India

Effect Of International Labor Organization (ILO) On Indian Labor Laws India is an originator individual from the International Labor Organization, which appeared in 1919. At present the ILO has 175 Members. A remarkable component of the ILO is its tripartite character. The enrollment of the ILO guarantees the development of tripartite framework in the Member.

March 6


Arbitration has ended up being favored technique for determining the debate agreeably and it additionally looks after lack of bias, sureness and viability by implementing the standard of gathering self-rule. In the last couple of years, the pervasiveness of Arbitration in determining debate had produced various crevices requiring the principles and traditions which were missing.

March 3

Civil Law

Civil law addresses situations in which people have been harmed, and an economic award might help remedy the situation. Examples of civil law cases include divorce, disputes involving property ownership, and contractual disputes. Private attorneys generally handle both sides of a dispute involving civil law, and the issues in civil court most often need to.

March 3

Family Law

Marriage counseling in India, though it was there at a casual level, was not taken seriously or professionally earlier. Actually, in India, people used to live in a joint family system and solutions to any marriage problems were found within the family system. However, these days joint families are breaking up and people are preferring.

March 3

Criminal Law

Finding proper criminal lawyer It is more important that innocence be protected than it is that guilt be punished, for guilt and crimes are so frequent in this world that they cannot all be punished. This article talks concerning criminal law, criminal offense, criminal lawyer. It additionally covers what are the characteristics that build the.